Public Works

Public Works Department

Martin Calianno

Public Works Manager

Kathie Brennan

Public Works Director

Roads & Transportation

This program is responsible for maintaining and updating the Indian Reservation Roads inventory (IRR), which is submitted to the BIA in order to receive funding for Tribal and BIA roads. The IRR is comprised of Tribal, BIA, County and State-owned roads that are within the boundary of the reservation or roads that provide access to and from the Reservation. The roads program is responsible for grading gravel roads, repairing/replacing culverts, and improving surface conditions on the Tribal and BIA owned roadways.

Road Maintenance

  • Updating IRR (Indian Reservation Roads) inventory
  • Grade BIA and Tribal roads
  • Maintain drainage structures/culverts
  • Storm damage repairs

Facilities Maintenance

This program maintains the Tribe’s buildings and property assets to reduce the risk of potential injury to their occupants and protect the Tribe’s investment in a cost-effective manner.

Facility Maintenance

  • Provide table & chairs for special events
  • Clean public buildings
  • Beautification & land maintenance at government buildings
  • Maintains Ball Field
  • Maintain Paui Park, Cemetery and Hot Springs
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Fire breaks and land grubbing

Public Works

  • Fuel Tribal vehicles
  • Minor maintenance and repair of heavy equipment and Tribal vehicles
  • Tribal facility improvement projects
  • Infrastructure to new tribal facilities
  • Tribal event set up
  • Project Management

Community Service

  • Weed abatement
  • Heavy Equipment Rental
  • Funeral support
  • Tribal Member work orders/Request
  • Grading of driveways/Members egress
  • Generator rentals
  • Table & chair rentals
  • Investigation of utility issues
  • Tribal Hall & kitchen set up

Request for Assistance

Limited services are available to the public Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00pm

The Public Works Department has an open-door policy, receiving and assisting the Tribal Administration, Tribal programs and the General Membership, as requested.

Tribal Members submit a WORK ORDER REQUEST FORM which is reviewed, evaluated and recommendations provided to Member. Should the service request become more complex or require more research, the requestor is scheduled with a follow up meeting to develop a final report to satisfy the extent of the request.

The response time on most service requests is based on the type of service and the demands of the Tribal Government. Member request are to be kept to a 4-8-hour time frame for the technician.

Member Requests are tracked including labor, equipment and materials. Requests may be denied depending on amount of previous requests completed, the nature of the request and the availability of Department funds.

The Public Works Department values professionalism and customer service. Department employees will maintain the aptitude in dealing with those being served.