Fire Department

The Cahuilla Fire Department has a 2006 Pierce Brush engine that was donated by the Chumash Tribe. Our Fire personnel are Chris Ortiz (engine boss) Rafael Rios, Eduardo Perez and Patrick Sol (firefighters). We are not a 24 hour station but for now we are covering 8 hour days.

Randy A. Sandoval

Fire Chief

Randy Sandoval, 54, is an enrolled member of the Mesa Grande Band of Diegueno Indians. Randy has been in fire service for more than 38 years and says he has loved every minute of it. He served with the Laguna Hot Shots, CDF, Sycuan as a fire apparatus engineer, fire captain and (Chief for one year), Campo (Founding Fire Chief), and Barona fire captain for 5 years and(Chief for 10 years), he also was a fire Captain and then fire Chief for Soboba Fire Departments. He has experience as fire investigation, has taught hazardous material classes, auto extraction, and holds many other teaching certifications he was also the chairman for the Soboba TERC.

As Cahuilla’s Fire Chief, Randy is responsible for building and overseeing the function of the department’s goals through budget preparation policy, guideline and training. It is also his responsibility to ensure that other emergency resources respond to assist Cahuilla through mutual or auto aid agreements, when needed. When an event happens, Chief Sandoval has the responsibility to minimize the impact of an emergency on the reservation by working side by side with other emergency resources.