The Mission of the Cahuilla Tribal Administration is to bring about a better way of life for Cahuilla people, Tribal People, and the surrounding Communities by protecting and exercising self-governing rights. The Cahuilla Band of Indians believes that it must function for the greater benefit of the largest possible number People.  We encourage employees of the Tribe to strive to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families, our elders, every Tribal Member and the Tribe as a whole.  Our team goal is to stay focused on Cahuilla customs and traditions and to honor the past with integrity, while still striving to be innovative and competitive in the modern world.

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We are interdependent. We trust one another and work as a team toward our common goals. We recognize that each of us has an equally important role in the community, and that we are stronger together than as individuals.

We are resilient. We look to the future with steadfast optimism, hope and faith in Our People.  We adapt to change with persistence and determination. We engage in creative solutions and endure adversity with courage.

We are accountable. We are ultimately responsible for fulfilling our mission and serving Our People. We are reliable, work with integrity and lead by example. We honor our obligations and correct our mistakes.

We are respectful. We treat one another with dignity and kindness. We value and embrace our diversity, respect ourselves and understand boundaries. We approach each experience with gratitude and humility.

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